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Partners of MIRRI-IT are involved in many research projects aimed at some of the objectives of the Joint Research Unit. Here a non exhaustive list of these projects is reported.

International projects

Project Description Duration Partners Third parties
IS_MIRRI21 EU Horizon 2020 Project aimed at the implementation and sustainability of the Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI). 2020-2023 UNITO UNIPG, UNIMORE, HSM, CNR
EOSC-Life EU Horizon 2020 project aimed at an effective sharing of data produced by 13 European Research Infrastructures in the Health & Food domain in the European Open Science Cloud by means of the exposition of FAIR data and the creation of worflows and pipelines for data analysis. 2019-2023 HSM
BY-COVID The project aims to connect well-established data resources and deliver access to heterogeneous yet interlinked and organised data across domains via the components of the COVID-19 Data Platform. By connecting open and normative pathogen genomes to data resources, the project will create a flexible and interlinked core of FAIR data capable of addressing the constantly evolving questions during a pandemic. Submitted HSM INMI, IZSLER, IZSVe
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