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The Joint Research Unit MIRRI-IT is mainly aimed at:

  • the implementation of the Italian node of MIRRI,
  • the development of the Italian network of collections of microbial resources.

Its mission is to overcome fragmentation in availability of resources and services, enhancing the quality management system of the collections, while focusing on needs and challenges of the stakeholders interested in the biotechnological transfer of these resources.

Its main activities are meant to:

  • support the implementation of the Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure – MIRRI-ERIC;
  • create the Italian node of MIRRI and contribute services and data to MIRRI;
  • coordinate and support the operation of the Microbial Culture Collections in Italy according to the established International quality standards;
  • harmonize the procedures of the Collections in order to comply with National and International rules (i.e. Nagoya Protocol, Intellectual Property Rights, privacy, biosafety, etc.);
  • propose actions to relevant State authorities in order to fortify the functioning and sustainability of the Collections;
  • promote interdisciplinary cooperation and represent Italy in relevant National and International Networks and Organizations;
  • provide a unique entry point to quality microbiological services and microbial Biological Resource Centres (mBRC) holdings.

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