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DB – University of Naples "Federico II"

Department of Biology,
University of Naples “Federico II” (DB-UNINA1)


The algal collection (ACUF) at the Dipartimento di Biologia, Università Federico II of Naples, Italy, is an academic collection represented by over 700 microalgal strains belonging to Cyanophyta, Chlorophyta, Rhodophyta and Bacillariophyceae. The culture strains were isolated mainly from terrestrial habitats, with a focus on thermo- acidic environments. The extremophilic algae (thermo-acidophilic and acid-tolerant strains isolated from European and Extraeuropean acidic sites) are widely represented (over 250 strains). Presently, almost all the genera and species of Cyanidiophyceae are maintained in culture.
ACUF maintains living cultures of algae in liquid or on agar slants. To preserve the viability of strains, the cultures are periodically transferred to fresh culture media previously sterilized. The strains are classified with methods of conventional taxonomy and using molecular tools, as rbcL and ITS1 and ITS2 analyses of sequences. The ACUF research programs cover the physiology, ecology and evolutionary biology of aero-terrestrial microalgae from different habitats and their associated communities. ACUF is also center of development of new techniques for mass culture of algal strains of biotechnological interest.
ACUF is a member of the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC).

Key persons

  • Prof. Gabriele Pinto
    ACUF Bioresource manager, Member of the General Assembly of MIRRI-IT.
  • Prof. Antonino Pollio
    Curator of the Collection, Scientific Coordinator, Member of the Scientific Committee of MIRRI-IT.

Relevant previous projects

  • PRESTIGE: Produzione di principi attivi da organismi estremofili in colture vegetali ed algali: Strategie industriali innovative per produzioni Green ecosostenibili – POR FESR Campania 2014/2020 – O.S. 1.1
  • SLIM FACTORY – Progettazione di una linea di coltivazione massiva di microalghe composta da fobioreattori ultra-flat – Campania Start up POR FESR Campania 2007/2013
  • COCOOMBA: Coltivazione Controllata e Monitorata di Biofilm Algal – POR FESR Campania 2007/2013
  • MALGICOIL – Impianto di Produzione e Trasformazione di biomassa algale in combustibile MalgiC oil. Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare 2011/12.

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