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Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences,
University of Palermo


The research activity of SAF (Herbarium and Mycotheca SAF), University of Palermo, is mainly addressed to the study of macromycetes; in particular, some research lines concern the study of biodiversity, genetic diversity and resources for the ex-situ / in-situ conservation of macromycetes collected in the territory, for the establishment of strain collections of food and medicinal interest.

University of Palermo Mycotheca (SAF)
Thirty-nine strains of Basidiomycetes belonging to nine genera of eigth families are currently available in the Mycotheca of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences of the University of Palermo (Italy). The Mycotheca is hosted in the Herbarium SAF of the same Department and is the first ever dedicated to mushrooms of medicinal interest in Italy.
All the isolates are related to medicinal mushrooms and some of them are of great commercial and nutraceutical interest. Of particular importance is the genetic material relating to Pleurotus growing on Apiaceae plants, which attracted the attention of mushroom growers and nutraceuticals enterprises particularly for their nutritional value and medicinal properties.

Key persons

  • Prof. Giuseppe Venturella
    Curator of Herbarium SAF, Member of the Scientific Committee of MIRRI-IT.
  • Dr. Maria Letizia Gargano
    Curator of Mycotheca SAF.

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