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Year  Type  Title Context Authors  Category 
2021 Paper Yeasts and Lactic Acid Bacteria for Panettone Production: An Assessment of Candidate Strains Microorganisms DE VERO L. ET AL. Research
2021 Paper Functional and Healthy Features of Conventional and Non-Conventional Sourdoughs Applied Sciences DE VERO L. ET AL. Research
2021 Paper Kombucha Tea as a Reservoir of Cellulose Producing Bacteria: Assessing Diversity among Komagataeibacter Isolates Applied Sciences LA CHINA S. ET AL. Research
2021 Paper Effectiveness of 0.66% Povidone-Iodine Eye Drops on Ocular Surface Flora before Cataract Surgery: A Nationwide Microbiological Study Journal of Clinical Medicine MUSUMECI R. ET AL. Research
2019 Paper Sfide ed opportunità della Bioeconomia circolare (Italian) Energia, ambiente e innovazione, 3/2019 (Italian) BEVIVINO A. Outreach
2019 Lecture The UNIMORE microbial culture collection: from strains storage to industrial starter cultures design ECCO 2019 XXXVIII Annual Meeting of the European Culture Collections’ Organisation DE VERO L. Outreach
2019 Poster Selection of wine yeast strains with enhanced fermentative fitness and glutathione production by a multi-phase approach MD2019 5th International Conference on Microbial Diversity 2019 DE VERO L. ET AL. Research
2019 Poster Genetic manipulation of a Komagataeibacter strain to increase bacterial cellulose production ECCO 2019 XXXVIII Annual Meeting of the
European Culture Collections’ Organisation
2019 Review Preservation, Characterization and Exploitation of Microbial Biodiversity: The Perspective of the Italian Network of Culture Collections Microorganisms, Special Issue “Preservation, Characterization and Exploitation of Microbial Biodiversity of Agri-Food and Environmental Interest” DE VERO L. ET AL. Review
2018 Lecture The ESFRI project MIRRI Matching fungal conservation in Italy: the current state and future challenges VARESE G.C. Organization
2018 Poster Screening dell’attività β-glucosidasica in ceppi di Saccharomyces spp. isolati da mosto Biodiversità 2018 DE VERO L. Research
2018 Leaflet MIRRI-IT Biodiversità 2018 MIRRI-IT Promotional
2018 Lecture UNIMORE Microbial Culture Collection: a reservoir of acetic acid bacteria for food and non-food applications ECCO XXXVII DE VERO L> Research
2018 Poster MIRRI-IT Joint Research Unit: the Italian Network of Microbial Resources ECCO XXXVII DE VERO L> Organization
2018 Poster About FAIRness of microbial resource data NETTAB 2018 – Building a FAIR Bioionformatics environment ROMANO P. Research
2018 Poster Unimore Microbial Culture Collection as a bioresource for the industrial exploitation of Acetic Acid Bacteria AAB 2018 Conference on Acetic Acid Bacteria DE VERO L> Organization
2019 Lecture Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure – Italian Joint Research Unit III MICROBIOSPAIN Meeting VARESE G.C. Outreach
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