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MIRRI introductory video

We have the pleasure of sharing with you the introduction video for IS_MIRRI21.

The video is available on the IS_MIRRI21 website and YouTube channel.

MIRRI Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda 2021-2030

Putting microbes at the service of society and the bioeconomy

MIRRI discloses its
Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda
for 2021-2030

Braga, Portugal, 25 March 2021

The Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure (MIRRI), a pan-European research infrastructure that brings together over 50 scientific institutions, from 11 countries, has disclosed today its “Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda 2021-2030”.

Under the motto “Microbial resources for a green, healthy and sustainable future”, the Agenda intends to anticipate major trends and opportunities for the valorisation of microbial resources (i.e., microorganisms/microbes and their derivatives) for the sustainable development of society and the economy.

Historically used by humankind for its own benefit (for example, in food processing and preservation processes), microbial resources are today widely used by bioindustries in multiple applications, such as the production of medicines (for example, vaccines and antibiotics), food and beverages, biofertilizers, biopesticides, biofuels, or in the treatment and valorisation of waste and residues.

According to the Executive Director of MIRRI, Luís Soares, “the new Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda reveals MIRRI’s Vision to boost the use of microbial resources by the scientific community and bioindustries, until the end of this decade, in response to some of the greatest societal, environmental and economic challenges that Europe and the World will face, such as those related to the circular economy, human and planetary health, food security and safety, climate transition, decarbonisation or biodiversity”, adding that “MIRRI’s Strategic Agenda can serve as an inspiration for governmental authorities and for other agents of society and the economy in defining policies, programmes and initiatives that can lead to a more sustainable development”.

MIRRI’s Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda 2021-2030 is available for download at www.mirri.org.

MIRRI-IT Scientist visiting MIRRI-ES HeadQuarters

UMCC Curator Luciana De Vero is hosted at the Colección Española de Cultivos Tipo (CECT) for 1 week.

Her visit is allowed in the context of the Erasmus+ staff mobility for training. The training targets mainly the improvement of the quality management system of Unimore Microbial Culture Collection (UMCC), which will promote the relations with other BRCs and Microbial Culture Collections across Europe.

More opportunities are sought in the near future in the context of the Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure MIRRI.

MIRRI Statutory Seat announced

MIRRI has announced that Portugal and Spain will be the host countries of MIRRI’s headquarters.

MIRRI will be established as a not-for-profit legal entity following a distributed model with a Central Coordination Unit (CCU) accommodating the operational headquarters and the national nodes bringing together the partners and stakeholders in each member country. MIRRI will facilitate the access to a broad range of high quality bioresources and data in a legal compliant way. By offering access to human expertise and providing a collaborative platform MIRRI will support research and development in the field of biotechnology and generate solutions to societal challenges by stimulating interaction between academia and bioindustry.

MIRRI CCU will consist of two distributed sections:

  • Statutory Seat located in Portugal (University of Minho, Braga)<(li>
  • Collaborative Working Environment hub operated from Spain (University of Valencia, Paterna) and supported by LifeWatch-Spain, a closely related e-infrastructure

After the preparatory phase (2012-2016), funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement no. 312251, MIRRI is now entering in a construction phase. The 1st step submission for the MIRRI-European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) application is scheduled for September 2018, in view of having MIRRI legally established by the end of 2019.

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