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WDCM Workshop on GCM

WDCM Online Workshop of Global Catalogue of Microorganisms

Established in the 1960s, WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Centre for Microorganisms is a vehicle for networking of 815 microbial resource centers from 78 countries.

WDCM launched the Global Catalogue of Microorganisms (GCM) project in 2012. GCM program aims to provide a globally uniform data warehouse for valuable microbial resources scattered in various culture collections and in the hands of the scientists around the world. Currently, 146 microbial resource collection agencies in 51 countries and regions have officially participated in the program, providing effective data support for all aspects of physical resources of microorganisms such as gathering, collection, transnational transfer, academic and commercial applications, and benefit sharing, and offering the most important support to the implementation and enforcement of the Convention on Biological Diversity in the field of microorganisms.

On the basis of GCM international cooperation program, WDCM launched GCM2.0 international cooperation program — Global Microbial Type Strain Genome and Microbiome Sequencing Project — for complete coverage of microbial genomes, and established cooperation network for genome sequencing and function exploring of microbial resources covering 22 major culture collections in more than 16 countries, which is expected to complete genome sequencing of more than 10,000 microbial type strains, establish a set of International standard system in microbial resource sharing and exploration, and set up a globally authoritative reference database and data analysis platform of microbiome.

Since 2011, WDCM Symposium has been held over 10 times. WDCM will hold online workshop of Global Catalogue of Microorganisms on December 16, 2021. In the online workshop, microbiologists from culture collections and related fields are invited to discuss related research questions based on Global Catalogue of Microorganisms and Global Microbial Type Strain Genome and Microbiome Sequencing. Future cooperation between culture collections and microbiologists will be promoted by providing free sequencing and high-quality data analysis.

You are invited to attend the workshop on December 16, 2021. Scan the QR code below or send email to Jianyuan Zhang (zhangjy@im.ac.cn) to register for the workshop.

Dr. Ipek Kurtboke
President of World Federation of Culture Collections

Dr. Juncai Ma
Director of WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Centre for Microorganisms

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